1) What areas do you serve?

Primarily Bona Fido Care is located on the Westside and serves Beverly Hills, Marina Del Rey and other surrounding areas, but travel to other Los Angeles areas can be arranged.

2) What is you policy on non-social/aggressive animals?

If a dog is shy and needs socialization, we offer pack walks matched with other timid and/or gentle dogs that will help build the dog’s confidence and comfort around other dogs. We offer private walks for dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs. For dogs that are aggressive towards strangers, we require they be muzzled on walks. We will not be able to accommodate dogs that show aggression toward walkers/sitters.

3) Why is it important to walk your dog every day?

The ASPCA advises that most dogs benefit from daily aerobic exercise (that is activity that makes them pant, like fetching, tugging, running and swimming) in addition to a minimum of one 30-minute walk per day.

4) Is Bona Fido Care bonded and insured?

Yes, we are bonded and insured.

5) What payment methods do you accept?

We presently accept checks and cash.

6) How will I know you visited my pet?

Each visit comes with a personal text message and picture of your pet enjoying their walk/play time.

7) Is there an initial first visit?

Yes.  The first visit will be free of charge and will be scheduled at your discredtion.  During this visit I will meet with you and your animal, address any specific needs your pet may have and obtain any keys or gate codes needed to access the building.

8) Are you eco-friendly?

Bona Fido Care uses paperless billing, minimized drive time and biodegradable bags when available to leave a smaller carbon paw-print.

9) Why should I trust Bona Fido Care to take care of my animals?

I raise 2 dogs of my own and know, first hand, the joys and pains of dog ownership.  I take pride in my work and pride in my ability to be in tune with the animals in my care as well as the needs of the client.

10) What makes you different from other dog-walking services?

When your animals are in my care, I consider and treat all my clients’ dogs as if they were mine. I am attentive and can tell when they are a little off or needs something extra.  I am always very communicative with pet parents and keep them informed of any changes in the pets’ behaviors/condition whenever I am in contact with the pets. My clients have my mobile number and feel comfortable calling/texting day or night to discuss/share their pet stories/photos.  I feel I  become an extended family member when it comes to their pets.